Torn between two: Give me a calculator


I need to have 700pesos. I have to buy a calculator worth 500 pesos. I want a 200php for buying a Jansport bag. It is only a want so it wasn’t even necessary or important. But it is a want! I can’t deny that I want that bag.

Actually I already have a calculator. My Mom will send it to me but my calculator is not really updated. Somewhat an old model that doesn’t have a feature of storing anything in such a way–like a matrix. Argh. The problem is I don’t have any money. I have only 400 pesos and I NEED another 100 so via simple arithmetic that’s about 500 which is the worth of the calculator.

That calculator, I can have it in full payment anytime but now I just need 500pesos for reservation fee. I paid my dorm fee for the first month worth 550. I didn’t tell Mom for the additional payments because I am kinda shy about asking for money–thinking that life is hard. She sent 600 pesos already but I didn’t paid the dorm fee because I have some payments with other important matters.

Now, I am suffering. I wonder if I could have them both–the calculator and the Jansport bag.

But more importantly, since I don’t have enough money, the calculator must be the most important now since it is a limited edition offer for only 950pesos.

Text me if you want to give me a 100 pesos or just give me a calculator, <+639156489380>.

or contact me with my Facebook account.


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