Center Seat


Travelling dilemma

When I went back home this long weekend, I happen to have no seat. Either I sleep at the terminal and wait for tomorrow to have a decent seat or that night but a center seat. I texted Ma and she said that I have to get a ride this night. So by default, I was put in the center seat. And that is a night trip. The trip is from Cubao to my hometown. And imagine how many hours I was in the center seat wanting to sleep decently. I was finally seated properly when we are already in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya–a province away from my hometown.

When I was in Cubao, they made us wait for around 1 and thirty minutes  just to have that seat. And the buses are emitting smoke. I wasn’t nearly choked but later when it was already around 10:30, I felt like, “Oh, this is pollution.” The departure time is 10:30 but being ehem, a slowpoke, he collected the tickets at 10:30. Imagine how I sank in the pollution.

It is so hard being in the center seat.  When we arrive at the terminals all other passengers get off the bus and I have to move. And things are just that pleasant. When he was collecting my ticket, he charged me a full 400 plus pesos. Do I look that old? I am just a student. And he had this attitude. He talks to you but he is in your back. How can I know that he is talking to me? I asked him, how much is a students fare. And he answered in this irritating tone, Hindi mo naman kasi sinabi. Ano ako manghuhula. And I thought, Bakit tinanong mo ba? The nerve!

He got my ID. Maybe his pride went down. Serves him right.

When I was in the center seat, I desperately want to sleep. And oh I forgot to mention that the center seat they had provided is one like the seats provided for kindergarten. It was too small. The back of that plastic chair isn’t enough to support my back. I was computing how many hours will I have to be in the chair. And every terminal we arrive at I found myself saying anim na oras na lang or tatlong oras na lang.

But I didn’t pity myself. I felt like this is an experience and I want to blog it as soon I got my time at home.

I ate my dinner at the bus. It was delicious. It is a piece of fried chicken and a cup of rice. I had my own kutsara.

It was so cold in the bus even if I had a malong, two sweaters, an extra pants, a pair of socks.

Then we arrived at my hometown around 7-8 o’clock, it was a little bit raining. And I saw Dad and we went home. Ah, its nice to be home. Back when I was in elbi, I even dream about them every night. That was how excited I was. It was like how I am excited when school begins when I was in elementary. We had a chitchat with Ma. And she presented those shoes she bought. And after that, I went to sleep. I slept for about 7 hours. Maybe I was just tired.


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