A post from the last blog

Friends really know each other. I want to be friends with you so just sit back and read this and discover me and who I am.

When I was in elementary, my name was the center of bullies. They have called me names I really hate. As long as I can remember, they once called me Roots when I was in grade one since we studied the parts of a tree and thought it sounds like my name.

It was tattooed on my mind that I stiffly look like a robot when dancing. And even if I am really serious they just laugh and tell me how I suck at dancing. Imagine how I miraculously survived the prom night.

I grew up on dusty town in <insert province> called <BLAH>. In the late 1990s, vehicles are, then, very rare. So we take long walks to go to the Centro and buy goods. And when a bus, since it was the only vehicle aside from carabaos around, passes by, we have to turn around, run away from the road, cover our noses, and shut our eyes. Because when we don’t, we’ll get gigantic morning glories for tomorrow.

My mother loves to cook. But she rarely uses salt since she has a kidney disease. So my kuya Mark and my dad, Mario, sneakily add tiny amount salt to their dishes.

I miss her and her cooking, too. It was like a million mile stretch of the umbilical cord. But I don’t want to say I miss her. It is too corny.

My kuya, like any other modern kuya, loves to play DoTa. He says he doesn’t have a complete day without playing it. It is like DoTa is his life. Now, his eyeglasses have a 500 grade.

My dad loves to sing. He says he did win singing competitions when he was younger at Hong Kong. And I think he is a bagets dad because he sings Baby by Justin Bieber, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and many more. But he also sings songs in his generation, too.

And I also have my younger sister, Jera. She is a manga(Japanese comics) addict. She loves to draw. We haven’t had a day that we have agreed on something. We are always on bruise war or even freezing cold war. Back when she was still small, I always kick her whenever I wanted. But now that she is taller than me, I am a little bit afraid of kicking my 5’8” sister. And since I am only 5’2”, I think it is called karma.

I make colorful bracelets and name them according to its color and my mood. I have a collection of around 20 bracelets now since I just started making them last summer 2010.

My favorite bracelet is called Popcorn. It composes of the favorite colors and the name of my girl group, Power Pop. So Popcorn is the best name I can give. And I was hungry when I was making Popcorn, too.

I learned how to swim last summer, too. The clean <river> serves as my giant swimming pool. It is really fun playing with the water.

When I was a kid, I was so afraid of frogs. Because I once read an encyclopedia that frogs excrete poison out of their skin that directs into ours eyes when threatened. Since then, I won’t go to the comfort room without my kuya and a very long stick both used to scare away those frogs.

I graduated at <grade school> with flying colors. Actually I didn’t enjoy elementary years. I hate my teacher in English because she always scolds me. And I didn’t have time to enjoy childhood days.

During summers, my mom taught us how to type. Back then, we type at the typewriter and fill it with a letter. “Aaa space aaa space…” I was like this.  My fingers are really swollen that time due to the typewriter and the letter a. I really don’t want to type then. But now it pays off.

When I was in the first year high school, we left <province> and went to the hometown of my father at <another province>. I learned to run a bike. But we came back to <province> when my dad was forced to resign due to politics.

Then I transferred at <blank> School as a sophomore. I was too shy back then. I remember that I don’t want to go to school. I thought I want to go back to my best friend Jeanne at <place>.

I had little fear in Science especially Biology. I was consecutively called by my teacher to recite. My brain was tortured to think. Then I’ve got an idea. I slide or slouch on my chair so that she can’t see me. At first it was effective. Then later, she must have noticed that I kept disappearing from her sight whenever she has a question. But thanks to her, she taught me, although indirectly, to view my notes or lessons regularly.

“Ruth, late ka nanaman.” These words are common to me. It was like a daily routine. But I remember one time that I went to school 4 o’ clock in the morning. I was the first one to arrive. And still the secretary of our class asked me, “Ruth, late ka ba?” That is the time when I realized, I was a notorious latecomer.

“I am late. Please don’t follow me.” It was written on a whole sheet of Manila paper, big enough for a nearsighted to read even without eyeglasses. I was brutally embarrassed. But the next day, I intentionally went to school super late. It was super late that it was already the start of my first subject. I was public displayed many times but nothing ever happens. I just keep on being late.

Then I graduated. It wasn’t a happy ending. I am naughty during my senior year. So I just got second honorable mention. Surprisingly, I got Best in Science.

I want to become a medical doctor. That was my dream. But I ended up taking Computer Science at UPLB. Still, I kept thinking if I picked the wrong course.

Since you know the half of my life we can be friends. But friends really need communication to be able to called friends. So search my name on Facebook and keep in touch.

<This is the post from my last blog> I think this post is written back when I was a NF.


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