A Birthday


The very first time I met her, she was wearing a black sweater. My best friend said, “Ang ganda niya, no?” Well, I just nodded although I didn’t mean it since I can’t see her full face.

I can mention that she is good-looking. But not a typical demure good-looking girl. Not those angelic faces like a girl in my high school–the Ms. Tito type.

She eats like a boy. Laughs on everything she finds funny. No, no, no. Not the mahinhin type of laugh. She’ll laugh very, very hard even if we are walking on the road. She doesn’t care. So on-the-go. So I will end up saying, “huy, tumino ka, nasa daan tayo.” She might look demure in all her photos but she’ll be the wackiest and the most interesting girl you’ll ever meet.

But I believe she’s still a girl because her phone’s images are almost her with the same pose and the same angle of the camera.

She also likes plain yoghurt. Well, for me, I can’t stand plain yoghurt because why is it sour. She doesn’t like songs like the one with “kunin mo na lahat sa akin” and songs of Carol Banawa and the likes. When we hear songs like that she’ll say, “Ano yaaan?”

Her type of songs would be RNB. And she practically knew many songs more than I. Her lines with what she likes is, “The best talaga yung <fill in whatever she likes>.”

Despite her appearance–ironically, she’s the astig type of the group.

This what I should’ve said as a message to her in the Life Gath but I am not that orally expressive so I write it in here. Well, happy birthday to her.

*No photos for her privacy.


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