A Reason Why I Can’t Grow my Hair Back


Since acads aren’t a problem this week, I’m on the go of surfing the net all day. Wohooo!! So excited! I failed to have a haircut at my hometown. I am having a haircut one of these days. I am actually planning that it must be on December but I realized that it is actually urgent to have a haircut ASAP.

To be honest, I have a hard time choosing my own hairstyle. I believed that I have a square-shaped face. But after a thousand observation on the mirror, it appears to be a inverted triangle shape. The reason why there’s a confusion is that when the hairline is covered with bangs, it appears that I have square face but without it, I have the other one. I am confused everytime I’ll go to the salon. I’m quite nervous about the question, “Anong hairstyle?

I always wanted a pixie hairstyle like this: 

But of course, I am scared. My brother–I think– will be angry if I have this hairstyle. :D. Not to mention, it takes a lot of courage to cut this hair. It might not grow back. So you’re forever stuck with a short hair.

Well, I mean if you have a short hair and plan to grow it back, it wouldn’t be easy. For one thing, if it has untameable kinks, you might as well cut it so that everything goes back into place like your last haircut.

Barely no one can remember that I have that long hair. Now it seems like a legend now or maybe a myth.


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