Being too


I’m so busy this week. Reg na ako. And there’s this pictorial, I don’t know if I did well kanina. And there’s this project about the family food tree. I don’t know the details about what my grandfathers ate but maybe I’ll be able to know.

I’ll register my sim unli-call this weekend and I’ll call Ma and Dad. I already have 200 pesos in my alkansya. Its tempting to open it.

And there’s this skit about santa cruzan. Although I’m just an extra-extra in the role playing, I’m volunteered to make flowers out of crepe paper. Magastos talaga kapag first two weeks. I don’t know how to make them, honestly. I just have idea of making them. Because when I was a kid I have seen my aunts(I’m not sure, it’s blurry) make them for funeral.

The first flower is really not a flower more like a crumpled tissue paper.

In my mind, I have the idea of what it will be like and the next flowers are like buds of roses. Reminds of the song. Paper Roses.

I am excited for my room mate to see my masterpieces but she  said, “Pangit met.” When I asked her why, she told me basta and then maliit.

Then my other room mate had a demo. Ah. Ganun pala.

My roomates are watching No Other Woman. At ang landi ni Anne.


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