This day, I was required to attend an artist talk at DL Umali Hall. At first I was excited to see who is Mr. Mideo Cruz and his works. I was curious on what made his works a controversy although I have an idea on what it is. His recent artwork is titled “Politheismo”. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

What struck me today is my professor from Diliman asked him (well, not directly asked–somewhat commented) why they like penises in their artwork and why is it common to (I can’t quote what she directly said) UST. Also he presented to us penises stucking out of a picture.

One of the students asked him if Lady Gaga is an Illuminati and he said that OTHERS also told him that he is an Illuminati. The crowd laughed. If you didn’t get the joke, ….

There are also other artists. He told us a revelation about his grandfather who is an sculptor of “Poon”. When the artist’s father asked his father,–(wait, that’s confusing). Here. Example you are the artist kanina: Your father asked your grandfather–“Sasambahin mo ba yang ginawa mong Poon?” The grandfather said, “Bakit ko sasambahin yan e ginawa ko lang naman yan. E di dapat ako ang sambahin niyan.” And then your father told that to you and you told to us kanina. Get’s? If you still don’t get it, contact me.

Wala naman akong pakialam sa kanila at sa kanilang paniniwala. Respetuhan.


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