I have this instructor in HUM2 recit. I don’t know if he’s a gay. I can’t tell. I think he hates boys because he often says, “Pag pumapasok ang mga lalaki, mag-dr-drugs pa yan at iinom, di ba girls?”

Then last meeting–just yesterday–the activity was to draw a self-portrait. We are given 45 minutes. 10 minutes have past and I have already drawn three portraits. I wasn’t satisfied with my first drawing so I drew again. I looked at the girl behind me, wow, she really have some talent. And there is this shading in her artwork. The thing that makes you say, wow, kumikislap ba yung mukha niya?

O by the way, I don’t like my room mate. And I have reached my limit in forgiving her. She’s so bossy. She orders me around. I understand that she an upperclass.

The cold war between us this week is about locking the door. As I was going to my class, she told me in an irritating tone, “I-lock mo yung door.” Then I asked her why. She didn’t answer. She told me, Bakit? And I asked again, bakit gusto mong i-lock ko yung pinto. Then she told me, “Bakit nagtatanong ka pa, basta ilock mo yung pinto.”

Because she didn’t answer my question properly, I just close the door–not locking it. I didn’t properly did what she said. It sucks living with the living dead.

Well, it is childish. Next semester, I’ll be room mates with Gray and Noha no matter what.


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