There are a number of things that I am sad about. Sadly, I don’t remember them. No, don’t get the idea that I am sort of nuts. It is just that I really don’t remember it but it exists.

It made me think this way because sleeping or lying in bed don’t make me feel better like it used to. Instead, there’s this smell of a newly bought book that I found recently comforting.

I really can’t sleep at night. I woke up 3 o’clock in the morning. 4 o’clock. And 5 o’clock. In random hours.

Spending money is good too. It deviates the problem. Making you worry about money after spending it and then you forget the other problem. But of course, this isn’t a safe solution in forgetting the feeling of having a problem.

Speaking of money, I am lazy about applying as an SA. There are also few things that I need to finish this week. I wish I had all the time. Like those in fairytales, she just spun gold. And time is gold. I wish I was just secluded in that tower and spun the time and time was mine.

But of course, as Taylor Swift had said, “… this ain’t a fairytale.” And she got that right.


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