Don’t get me wrong


I have things to do. The NASC6 Project, the upcoming exams and quizzes. Environment is telling me to sleep and the bed is inviting. My mind forgets the list of things to do. These past weeks I’m doing extra effort on my acads. I get the feeling back when I was in elementary. I am sad about every single mistake I make in my quizzes.
And these past few weeks, I am always scared about my future. When I think about it, I want to scream. Sometimes, I just shut my eyes like I used to when I was a kid and try not to think about it. In the night, I wet my pillows with tears.
I don’t wish that sana nag-aral na lang ako sa amin. I don’t wish that. Never. I don’t care how many teardrops I will shed. Gra-graduate ako dito.


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