Lucky and sort of


My instructor in HUM2 has this odd habit. Unfortunately, I am one of the victims of this odd habit. Her habit is when you fail to submit a 1×1 picture, the next meeting it will be 2×2. And if you fail again to submit a 2×2 picture, you have to submit a 3R picture with a wacky pose (meaning close-up and not whole body, just your face) and so on.  Last sem, she told us, that the biggest picture that was given to her was 4R.

Yeah right. As I was saying, the size of the picture I have to pass is 3R today. Unfortunately, I don’t have a 3R photo today. Next year which will be the next meeting, I will have to pass 4R with a wacky pose–just my whole face. Imagine daig pa yung magiging gradpic ko. And imagine pwede nang bilangin ng isang grade one kung ilan ang pores ko sa mukha. Hardcore.

When she was lecturing, honestly, I told my self, “I hate her.” My foot knows that. Luckily, she has an SA. Her Student Assistant is, I don’t know if the SA is a male or a female, a little bit kind. Nagmakaawa na lang ako dun sa SA niya. And then 2×2 picture na lang ang hinihinging picture which is meron akong isa sa bag. So thankful.

In my NASC6 quiz kanina, I got a full score! The quiz is all about memorizing different dishes in the Philippines by region. I only memorized it in one and a half hour. And I am worried because I didn’t review the day before the quiz. Luckily, lumabas lahat ng napag-aralan ko.


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