sick of this sickness


I’m sick of this sickness and I pity myself for it.

I was in my room together with my room mates. I was lying in my bed because mother said that I need rest. The room is too quiet. I felt that the roomies don’t care. I’m so lonely.

But I can’t sleep. It is so hard to fall asleep with this runny nose. I desperately want to sleep. I thought that I need sleeping pills but arg I don’t like taking some hideous drugs.

Because I so desperate, I got the empty trashcan near my bed. Haha. Nakatatawa naman and disgusting. Pinapatulo ko na lang yung sipon ko dun sa trashcan habang nakahiga sa kama. As in tulo talaga. If there is someone who caught me in the situation probably thinks that I am the weirdest person on earth. Tubig kasi yung sipon ko. Ayoko namang singhutin–that’s more disgusting. Ayoko naman singahin kasi nabasa ko recently na mas lumala kapag singha ka ng singha. E di, I thought, patuluin na lang. Well, maybe I am not weird at all–kung malalaman ang aking mga dahilan.

In high school, they call me weird, baliw and the likes. They just don’t know that I have reasonable reasons. The one above is an example.

Haha. Natawa naman ulet ako sa blog entry na ‘to.


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