Lost you but not me


I lost my notes and my checked test paper in STS1. I was really sad. I lost it in my last subject last Friday. :’(. I got a perfect score plus a point five in that subject and if I don’t review for the upcoming exam this Wednesday then just what happens to my grade. I prayed. :).

Earlier this morning, I was too lazy to get up in the bed of my ex-roomie. Why I am in my ex-roomie’s bed is another crazy happening. Well, back to I-was-too-lazy thing, I was depressed so I just want to be in bed forced myself to sleep. And when I wake up to check my notifications in facebook or read some GMs about how hopeless romantic they are, I would be thinking of starting my day at one o’clock. Then go back to sleep.

Then it was already 11: 35. My stomach hurts now and the sun’s rays were decided to mock me, my best friend sent a text message “ruth, sby tyo kain.” Oh goody. I went to my own room and got some money. Then I shouted from my room, “Gray, kumain ka na?” She shouted back, “Hindi pa.” I shouted again, “Tara!” Then she answered, “Dito ka muna sa room.”

Typically, we don’t care if the whole dorm will know what we are talking about since we are in our own rooms and they don’t know who we are.

Then I went to her room. We had a little chat of what happened last night about the batch dinner. I got bread in her box and ate it while she is brushing her teeth. Then we went to have a lunch.

After we ate, I went with her in her room. And solved problem game in her cell phone. The game is addicting and it is called Help Out. Then after a few rounds, I went to my room.

As I was on my way to my room, something fell down followed by someone shouting “Ay!” Turns out that the lady’s fast food food’s paper bag tore. In elbi kasi, bawal ang plastic bags so they use paper bags–like those in America.

I continued walking and be a wapakels like any other student here but I recognize she is my classmate in STS1. I am normally a wapakels but buti na lang tiningnan ko yung mukha niya. So I followed her to her room. But said nothing. Creepy! I am a stalker but not a green eyed one.

Now, I just have to have confidence to borrow her notes. So good.


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