Fieldtrip in Manila


The field trip in Manila is disappointing. Well this is my opinion. Although I saw wonderful paintings, I also saw not-so-good paintings and installations.

My expectations, maybe, are high. But that’s okay. If I’ll rate the field trip it would be a 7. Not to mention that the camera I’m supposed to use is battery empty, I’ve got to use my 2mp only. I am supposed to take pictures on everything that is allowed in the museum. Horror.

And we had lunch at MOA and sobra ng laki ng mga langaw nila. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it has something to do with “<insert word> Asia.” I am supposed to post the pictures in this blog but I am running out of time. I have to finish a reaction paper due this day. My instructor emailed us but I haven’t checked out my email since last week so I wasn’t informed. Thankfully, my instructor was considerate.

The reaction paper is semi-easy so I’ve got to think ways on how to elaborate my simple idea. It is a one page reaction paper and the idea is too simple–enough to be explained in a sentence.


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