Mask and others


Money is very fast. You get hold of money then BOOM. It disappears like magic.

 *Sigh. This mask is really expensive. We bought this for, I think, 45php. Then the poster paints for 24php each color. Not to mention the crepe papers and paint brushes and my costume. All in all I have to spend 200php. I have a hard time typing in the message to be sent to Ma. And felt guilt when she said yes. I mean it is my responsibility to thrift it away (is the grammar correct? anyway), right? (Photos of the mask is uploaded in Facebook.)

But I enjoyed painting. It’s been years since I last held a paintbrush.

Anyway, recently my heart aches. And I can’t breathe. No this is not a love problem. Really. Literally. So hard to breathe and it continues. I am afraid if I got a heart disease or something. I pray. Recently, I haven’t been eating vegetables. Vegetables aren’t available in canteens here. I might as well jog or exercise. If this continues, punta na ako sa infirmary. 

I haven’t told Ma about this. Maybe I’ll tell her later.


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