Pan na pan mo ako


I woke up too early this morning. 8 am. Yes. Yes. Tanghali na iyon. I know, para sa time niyo. I slept three in the morning. Nanood kasi ako ng City Hunter konti lang naman ang naiintindihan ko–kahit may subtitle. Ang tanging naiintindihan ko lang ay über gwapo ni Lee Min-Ho. Why on earth is there such a damn good-looking man? Every time na i-fla-flash siya sa camera, I scream “Ang gwapoooo!” Would you even believe me that I collected every single photo of him in the Internet. As in lahat ng pwedeng mahanap sa buong net world.

I won’t care if you’ll say I’m addicted to him. Haha. Or you’ll say, “Yuck, kadira ka Ruth!” IDC. Maybe I’m just a typical girl after all.

One thing that made me get up in bed is that there is a certain guy who paints outside the room. At around 8:30, the paint can wasn’t there beside the window. My bed is beside the window and the curtains isn’t enough to ‘curtain’ the windows. And privacy is threatened. Aba nakahalata na ako. He finished painting last week pa. And then here he goes again and positioned painting directly in my window. That’s when I got up in bed. Kala niya ha. When I got up, after a minute, wala na yung lalaki. Ang bilis naman niyang magpinta *sarcastic*.


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