Dreams do come true


It seems like wala talaga akong ginagawa this week. Ah.  I really want something but I don’t even know what I want. This is just a random post and what I am thinking right now I am typing it. What ever comes to my mind. Oh. I don’t know what to type but I am typing. Seems like I just missed typing.

When I am not in front of the computer, I think of many things I want to blog (I think I mentioned this in one of my posts). Ah. The computer is crazy. It is making me crazy. I will tell Ma about this. Maybe next sem. I won’t be needing it now anyway.

Mag-su-summer ako. I heard  that summer class is on April. Only a month. I also heard that lessons are fast. I don’t know kung saan muna ako titira. I’ll inquire tomorrow if pwede ang Women’s for summer. Ah. I’m tired and stressed just the mere thought of if.

Speaking of the month of April, a high school classmate asked me to come home in summer especially on April 8. And I said yes. I think mag-de-debut siya. But due to conflicts maybe I can’t come. Hindi naman siguro ako parte ng ritwal ng debut niya. Speaking of debuts, ang unang-una kong na-attendan na debut ay ang debut in best friend ko.

And oh. My best friend can’t breath today due to her asthma. Pity. Hope she gets well soon.

And pinag-usapan na din natin ang high school, bibihira lang ang kaibigan ko nung high school. Nagtataka ako kung bakit ang dami-dami kong kaibigan ngayon. Hehe. Thank God for that. I had a date with Siam pala kanina. And we spoke about friends in high school and friends now.

When I was in early grade school, I secretly wished that sana madami akong kaibigan. Haha. I remember that I only have one friend in grade school. Siya lang kinakausap ko. Magkakaroon lang ako ng moment na makausap ang iba kong mga kaklase kapag nagpapaturo sila sa kanilang assignment or kung hihingi sila ng papel or hihiram ng eraser. At yung nag-iisa kong kaibigan lagi niya akong inaaway. Haha. Ang lagi naming pinagtatalunan ay mas matangkad daw ako sa kanya. Ayaw kasi niya sa likod ng linya. Pero obvious naman na mas matangkad siya. Ang taba pa niya kasi. And patpatin ako–pero cute. I don’t remember her name anymore. I saw her maybe two years ago. Imagine yung nag-iisang friend ko ang turing niya sa akin ay greatest mortal enemy.

And that wish when I was in early grade school natupad ngayong college. Let’s estimate na after maybe ten years? See. Dreams do come true! :).

Tomorrow, I wonder if they will distribute the last long exam in one of my classes. I’m excited to see my score. Wah! Can’t wait. I wish I have those sparkly scores. There are 120 items but the perfect score is 100. Bale bonus lang yung 20. So there is a possibility na may 110 or 103, etc. I wish my score is higher than 100. Hehe. Dreamer.

I haven’t posted photos of the feb fair. The bluetooth is not working properly so so.

I also finished watching City Hunter. From one to ten, I will give a rate of 9.5. I have my reason. Yung story ay masyadong pinag-isipan. Galing.

These days, whenever I am doing something my mind is wandering and I think of tetris. Weird. I am imagining the blocks that are falling and how I position them. Basta. Magulo kapag i-e-explain ko.

Napakadaming mga bagay-bagay pala ang pwedeng mapag-usapan kahit wala akong ginagawa.