Busiest next week


I will be very busy next week. Three long exams. Ah. I am expecting and hoping that I will be exempted in all final exams. Hehe. But parang dehado ako sa isang subject. The exemption grade in this subject is 80. Wah! But it is okay. Isang subject lang naman yun.

I will be able to post the pictures I have taken from my phone. Hehe. I am here at the main lib. I don’t have a class this day except one. The 5:30-7pm class. Isa lang klase ko! Yipee! My first and last class for Tuesday. Anyway, walang quiz dun.

Ah. I am excited to go home. Hehe. I am beginning to learn how to play the guitar. Magkakakalyo din ang aking mga daliri. Bwahaha. Although learning it hurts, I am motivated. If I’ll know how to play the guitar adeptly (<–is this the right word? Haha), I’ll make a song. It’s gonna be exciting.

Oh, I forgot. I have to do something pala. See yah!


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