I am sad about my outraged temper awhile ago. Ah. So difficult to be angry. After being angry with someone else I cry for being angry. I hate this feeling. It is so familiar. Remember when they called me b*tch back then? Same ol’ feeling.

And then the whole day, badtrip ako. Almost all of the people I sat beside with will be amused of my behavior. I don’t want to sin. AH. It is making me cray cray!

These days, fear is always in my mind. It is too dangerous here. Kahapon may nasaksak nanaman. Kagabi may snatcher dun sa may forestry. Wala din namang silbi yung mga pumalit na pulis. Ang konti naman nila.

I am so stressed. I am currently reviewing a subject. I am getting tardy this week.


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