The empty room


I was depressed this last few days and I can’t even blog about it. I’d rather have it to be secret (actually three people know this).

Now I’m back! First of all, I want every reader to know that lilipat na ako ng room sa dorm! I have already reserved a bed at my ex-roomie’s room. Now next sem, she’s not my ex-roomie. Well I sent her a text message last night. She was the first one to know.

So glad.

Last night, I went to my room. My room mates are inside talking. And I lay down at my bed for maybe 20-30 minute and they just kept talking.

Then I just remembered when I was in my previous dorm, all my room mates go home every weekend and I was alone and lonely. But when I was lying down last night at my bed listening to the chattering of my room mates, it was lonelier. I can hear them. They are  there but for me the room is empty, lonelier, sadder than any place I’ve ever known.

So I got up like I used to every typical night. These past few months, I have slept in every vacant bed in any of my friend’s room. Some may say kawawa naman. But no. I am way happier room-hopping than to stay in that empty room.


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