I was at last home yesterday night. I arrived at Santiago 7am. The road is not that good. I was expected to arrive in Santiago 5am but alas 7am.

Well, I was just reading a cooking magazine while sitting prettily with my feet on top of the table. Saraaap! Summer is here. The news is I will not go to summer class. Is that a good news or bad news? I don’t know. But I’ll go to Elbi this april. I have something important to do there.

But, silently I am celebrating. YAHOOO! I am thanking God of this really beautiful sem. I was exempted in all final exams. It is great. Now, this summer gonna be looong. So excited on how I will spend this summer.

I was talking to my mother awhile ago and she said that they plan to spend summer at Nueva Vizcaya. Oh Nueva Vizcaya! How long I anticipated this moment! Vizcaya for me is lots of chocolates, lots of new clothes, and mountains. Land of fun!



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