Multilingual babe


Yehey. It feels so good to talk using other language. Haha.

Way back in high school, I was verbally abused by one of my classmates. Her crush has I think a crush on me. She talked and said bad words to me in Itawes. Unfortunately, I perfectly know and understand what she is saying. Lucky for her, hindi ko alam magsalita ng Itawes. Nakakaintindi lang. Haaay. So I just conversed to her in Tagalog and said that I completely understood what she said. She’s a little bit slow poke because even though she knew that I grew up in San Vicente, she still used Itawes.

But now I can speak in Itawes. Hehe. My mother and kuya helped me. Pero hindi ko pa rin siguro alam makipag-away in Itawes. To prove that you are truly adept in speaking in other language, try mong makipag-away using that language.


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