My cat is our neighbor’s


Haha. I really, really like the cat of our neighbor. He is a he. Haha. I particularly dislike felines who are a she. I have a bad experience to them. Let me talk about history.

Our first cat is when I was in grade one or two. Maybe I was about 6-7 years old. She is really cute and calm and serene. She is white and some big spots of black and gray. She rarely purrs. That is why I loved her. *sobs*. She died last month. Wah!! Kasama ko pa yung natutulog nung bata ako.

We really have many things in common. She likes sleeping in my bed. She likes foam and other soft material. Papansin. Nanlalambing. Wah! I really miss her! But once she have reached pregnancy, aww.

She always give birth to three kittens and the cuteness heavily depends upon the father. They piss and shit all over the place and we, esp. mother, are having a hard time cleaning shits and pisses because first they stink and second they are hard to reach. The kittens do theirs jobs below chairs, cabinets and things that are heavy to move.

Okay. Back to our neighbor’s cat. He is black and white. He is also cute and calm and serene. And I named him Brownie. Haha. Usually it is a name for an askal or aspin dog. Yung tipong brown yung kulay na pangit at shinushuping aso lang. But my Brownie is different.

Here’s a conversation between my mother and I:

Ako: Red mit ti kulay ni Brownie.
Mama: Wen ngarud. Red mit. Haan mit nga brown.

Pumupunta siya sa bahay. Tapos magagalit kung pagsasarhan mo ng pinto. Aba! Parang mas bahay pa ata niya bahay namin a.

**Sorry no subtitles!


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