The first love at first sight


Do you believe in love at first sights? Honestly, I really don’t believe in them. Haha. But there is one thing that triggered my belief and decided that I should believe in love at first sights. Let me tell what I have read.

I found it in the bible. Haha. Surprisingly, as a child, I have already heard the story maybe a hundred or even thousand times unknowing that it is not just a child story but a love story.

It was at the beginning of the human’s time. The first love at first sight. Adam was sad then. No one to talk to. The giraffes had pairs and all of the animals. The dog–even if it is the closest animal–maybe wants to speak to him but the dog just couldn’t. But God saw his loneliness.

So God made Adam sleep–a deep one. Then He took one of the man’s ribs and made a woman. When Adam woke up, the first thing–maybe–he saw was a beautiful creature standing and looking at him. It was love at first sight.

I was wondering why God made the woman from the ribs of the man. Why not dust as He made man?

Then I realized that she is made special. She is specially made for man. And Adam called her Woman for he is flesh of his flesh and bones of his bones.

My best friend and I also talked about this one in one of the many talks we had. Haha. Ribs. Ribs is close to the heart.

**Disclaimer: Haha. May doubts pa ako kung may love at first sight nga talaga. No choice lang si Adam. Haha. Joke!


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