So I made a headband out of my old orange school paper t-shirt. It was stained anyway. The head band is cute. I’m gonna wear it tomorrow and in fact, I am wearing it today.

If you want to know how I did it, here it is:

**Sorry no instruction pictures. I’ll upload it later.
**And sorry for the picture. Sa laptop lang yan kinuha.


Old t-shirt

1. Cut the old t-shirt into long strips. Probably from the neck hole of the t-shirt down to the shirt’s biggest hole. The thinness is about half an inch but it depends whether you like thick headbands. Cut three.
2.  Braid it.
3. Finishing it is a little bit tricky but you can do it. Experiment! Tie a knot. Whatever!

You can have a multicolored headband by using different colored t-shirts.


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