Trivias about me


Nah. Spare me the drama! Haha. Anyway, nag-dr-drama lang ako sa last kong post. Let’s talk about me! Yey! *haha, conceited (sorry ’bout that!)*

1. Well, not everybody knows this. I have a confession to make. Haha. I don’t know how to peel oranges. Haha. Yun lang? Yes, yun lang. Haha. I’m really hopeless when it comes to peeling oranges. I’ve tried every possible knowledge on how to peel them but failed.


2. Well, how do I sleep. See that figure in the middle? Haha. That’s how I sleep. Well, not exactly like that but basically. Takes space, eh?

Nah. Yun lamang. Mag-iisip pa ako ng mga trivias. I’m on exploring myself!


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