A glimpse of how I sketch


I am very inspired to sketch right now! Glad I won’t go to elbi today. I still don’t have a sketch pad but here’s my sketches:

The theme is hands, women and eyes. Actually, I’m into fast sketching. One sketch takes about less than a minute. I think I will call it cartoon impressionism. I don’t like to use shading. And take note that some of the sketches are an attempt.

Here it is so enjoy!

1. Left leaf: A draft and outline of my last blog post.

2. Girls with short hair are modeled to myself. I also drew at Power Ranger there. Haha. The one with a large, high bun was modeled to my sister. EPIC FAIL.

3. In the right leaf, there’s a faint drawing of a face. I modeled it to Socrates.

4. Left: Male potter. A servant girl. A few eyes. And sketches of hands and arms. Right: Woman in a long dress and few arms and hands.

5. Drew hands. A pair of hands. And a caricature of Jireh–exaggerated.

6. Counter clockwise, Left leaf: A girl with a crown. A girl crying. Self-portrait. A little kid. Right leaf. Just random. And ooh! There’s a bahay kubo.

You can click the pictures to have a nice view. And I didn’t upload my sketch of my crush. Haha. Mahirap na. Baka malaman kung sino.


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