Home after six years


I was home after 6 years. Haha. That’s weird eh? We went to Dupax. And we expected that we are going to stay there for only three days. So I packed my things good for three days only. Turned out that we extended for a whole week. Haha.

It is so fun to be in there. But.

My first goal is to eat chocolates. Well, it happened but I just ate a blueberry chocolate. Every single day. Uck. blueberry? Who wants that?

Second goal is to go fishing. That’s nice. We together with my mother and father went fishing in the morning. I wore hat, too. And I forgot to protect my arms. The heat is scorching and my arms turned pink and then tan. Aww.

Third goal. I am not sure if this happened because I only saw my first love’s home. Haha. It is in the highway. And I only got to see their house when I am in the car (ay sosyalan) sasakyan. Haha. I saw a silhouette but I don’t think that’s him. Well, I was thinking what he looked like that right now. I can’t help but to think if he’s a jeepney driver na or may asawa na (well, definitely I am not applying).

Truthfully, I didn’t sleep at our house nor step in it man lang. I slept at my tita’s home. Tiningnan ko lang sa window ng sasakyan, hindi na ako bumaba.


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