June Photo Challenge: #19 Imperfect


I just gained fat. But TG that I am not that fat. It is just that loose clothes then are fitted now. I have to worry now, not because I will not look good but because my clothes are tight for me.

Okay. Here’s a recent picture. It is straight-out-of-camera.

My comments:

1. Ang laki ng picture. Kitang-kita lahat-lahat pati mga pores. Uck!
2. Did I mention na halos isang beses lang ako magpulbo every month or even never? OILY! But I don’t care(-eh-eh-eh-eh-er).
3. Unlike my whole family, my irises are black. Theirs are brown. Tingnan mo. Black na black.
4. Aba, marunong akong magpacute sa camera.
5. I would never shape/tweeze my eyebrows. NEVER.
6. What’s with my hair? Ano ba yan? I tell you sometimes it is smooth straight and sometimes it is kinky that is definitely not funny.


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