June Photo Challenge: #25 Something Cute


The moment that I am teaching myself how to be in good terms with kids is the moment it was really ruined. A kid around 6 years old hugs me from the moment she talked to me. And, oh, she has a perfect set of white teeth. Wavy hair and a pair of nice eyes.

She told me that both her parents are from abroad. And I heard that the kid is fluent in Spanish. Wow. Nice credentials! But.

The downside is the hugging thing. And her lice infested hair. Ugh. Honestly, I am more afraid of lice than flying cockroaches y’know.

Well, that is normal for little girls. I, too, had that moments in my life. She, together with her big sister, reminds me of my childhood and Jireh’s. Together with her ate, parehas ng damit. Kulot yung isa bata, straight naman yung isa.

Oh, by the way, she’s cute. Here’s her picture. She is the one in the right and her big sister on the left.


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