So that’s it


Let me tell you that I just have a little knowledge about my dad. After 18 long years and nearly a month of interacting with my family, my father–for me–is the most mysterious. Like what is his whole childhood and the likes because he doesn’t talk much.

I know that he is cranky at times. Kagaya kaninang umaga. My mother threatened–well, again–him, “Hihiwalayan kita.” They quarelled because my dad put black shoe polisher on her favorite red shoe. Haha. (Well, women love shoes.) They can be childish sometimes. But nah! They aren’t serious.

Sometimes, together with my mother, they can be very funny. Like a bunch of clowns. They play together plants versus zombies.

The thing that I enjoyed in childhood is that he tells stories with sound effects and paiba-iba ng boses. Kung kalaban or bida. Kung mahina o malakas. Depende.

I think it is right to say that he is a “house-band”. Back at childhood, he always stays home and cook meals and do house chores. And my Ma would be back by evening from work.

My kuya first called him Papa. Then when we are around 5-13, we called him Dy–sometimes it is De. Then transformed into Dad–para mas sosyal. ;).

I also think that we get along well. Yesterday, we played Tekken 5. Tekken 5? The thing you play in the play station. You pick your own player. Then work your a$$ by winning the fight. I always lose. Hehe. But of course, I am undefeatable–take note: UNDEFEATABLE–when my player is Kung Lao. Sadly, there is no Lao in Tekken 5 only in mortal kombat.

So that’s it, happy Father’s Day, Dad.


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