Day 03: Your views about drugs and alcohol.


Drugs. I think it is pretty dangerous. You get high. And affects your attitude and the whole you. Someone can commit multiple crimes with the influence of drugs. Meaning I view drugs as a very, very bad thing.

Alcohol. I am not that totally against alcohol, though. If you drink moderately, maybe, just maybe, it is okay. Like red wine and brandy. They can be used in making that yummy cheesecake. Honestly, I drink little amounts(moderate) of red wine or scotch whisky(just a jigger, hehe, more than that is considered heavy drinking) with the supervision of my parents.

Well, my parents are good influence, FYI. They read that it is good for the health, too. (They have high blood at times). I don’t like gin. Tastes bad and gives you that disgusting smell. Nakitikim lang ako sa baso nila. And take note that hindi ito palagihan. More like once in every two monts with just one jigger.Pang health benefits lang talaga.

Since I am a little bit familiar with Scotch Whiskey, let me tell you when I first tasted it. It tasted just like any other alcohol. Haha. I drank in the jigger of my father. It hurts in the tongue. He said it is hot. He then told me to smell it. Wow. It smells good. The taste wasn’t that terrible but still, I took a bite on the apple that is beside him and fast.


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