This is from This is not mine. And I don’t plan to own it. The ideas and the image is from the said owner.

I have seen this in my best friend’s blog. Remember that I have an unfinished business with the June photo challenge. Sorry ’bout that! The image above is clearly for tumblr. I have searched this WordPress (WP) but found none. AWW. Makes me sad.

Hope you enjoy this 30-day challenge! I’ll blog for the first five days now. Haha. I want to finish this by the end of the month. So day 1 starts on July 1. In WP, I can manipulate when I post. BLAH! So even if it is already July 4, I can still write for July 1 and even for July 30.  :). Mischievous! And don’t forget to browse my post beginning on July 1!


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