The story of my frog


I first drew a frog when I was maybe back in the coloring days. I had this green crayon and there is a small cartoon in there–a cartoon of a frog. I copied and enlarged it. It is too cute. After many years, I haven’t put it in the trash. I simply can’t! It is too cute. Although, I am afraid of frogs and toads, my sketch is really cute. Makes me say, Ahhh… so cute.

But then after many years, I misplaced my first drawing of the frog. It wasn’t a big loss, though. I have already learned how make lots and lots of them.

The two large perfect circle eyes, the small circle spots/warts, the silly smile, the out-of-the-frog’s-body eyebrows. The big hind toes and small toes. Simple.

Then just yesterday, I drew on Photoshop. The same step. As I was on the finishing touches, nag-@$%$%^%&! Brownout! And I didn’t save it. Argh. I was planning to post it here. That is why ISELCO is frequently cursed.

Sad that I lost it again, I sketched. Yeap. On paper. It is really cute. WAH. I put it on near the scanner for scanning and after a minute, nawala. MISSING. Public area. San kaya yun napunta? Huhu. Hindi ako kakaen, nawala yung frog ko! LOL.


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