Day 06: Write 30 interesting things about you

  1. I have not-so-wavy hair. (is that interesting?)
  2. I have four moles around my left eye. (boring)
  3. I have a birth mark on my right hand.
  4. And you won’t be able to locate the birth mark until I will become fair again.
  5. I am really fair when I was a little kid.
  6. Went to the beach and wore a one piece. LOL. When I was grade 2. That will be the last. haha.
  7. My height is rather small compared to my whole family.
  8. The average of their height is 5’8″. My height, ugh, never mind.
  9. I can type without even thinking what I am encoding. Sometimes a way of daydreaming.
  10. I only draw cartoons and copying cartoons.
  11. I have too many crushes. Sometimes I rank them. :D. <I’m a good and normal girl>.
  12. But only one owns my heart. HAH! Napaubo ako bigla. Ang hopeless!
  13. We have many homes but own no houses.
  14. I like Japanese food but I like Filipino food better.
  15. I think my voice ranges from four to six octaves or more (not sure). That was five years ago.
  16. I’m an avid fan of One Piece.
  17. When I was a child, one thing that I want to become is a fashion designer. O diba? Bongga.
  18. Wuuu! I’m past halfway on this day 06 post!
  19. My hair now is past the collar bone. Yehey. An achievement!
  20. My password in FB is very, very, very, very loooooooong.
  21. I stammer when I am talking that they think I’m weird. HOnestly, I have too many ideas circling in my head, at hindi ko na alam ang uunahin ko. That’s why the stammer. I am working on it.
  22. Dahil naubusan ako ng things na sasabihin, I consulted my kuya. He said I am interesting. “Lagay mo pa diyan, uh, innovative.”
  23. Ilike mangoes more than any other fruit.
  24. Kaboses ko yung paternal grandmother ko.
  25. Laging agahan ang kinakain namin kapag wala sina Mama. Agahan sa hapunan. Agahan sa tanghalian.
  26. I like Yummy mag.
  27. The only thing I ever baked is coco macaroons. (boring)
  28. Ruth truth.
  29. I like yellow.
  30. I will be rich.

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