Day 12: Bullet your day. (the geek)


Hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ibig sabihin ng Bullet your day. But I’m taking it literally. I wrote this this day because I don’t know what to happen today. But typically, the day starts waking up.

  • Woke up 8 am and spent 30 minutes daydreaming. LOL. About the future. Usually it is in the pessimistic side.
  • Goes down and finds out that I have no breakfast.
  • Upon seeing that I don’t have breakfast, I’ll surf the net.
  • Look at my FB account and sees two messages and a notification.
  • I reply the messages.
  • I start the Day 12 challenge.
  • Save the post as draft.
  • Pause.
  • Decided to cook my breakfast
  • Cracked an egg in the tip of the bowl. And cooked it (a sunny side up egg). Thinking that frying an egg will double up the calories. Left out a sigh.
  • Boiled water and filled half of the mug. The mug has 1 tbsp powdered milk, 1/4 tbsp sugar and 1/2 tbsp coffee. Normally the sugar is 1/2 tbsp but I read that sugar is bad for the skin.
  • Rolled the bottle of ketchup (I just read that that is the correct way of shaking). And poured it in my plate. And thought, why does this particular brand of ketchup isn’t observing the non-Newtonian fluidity.
  • Poked the yolk.
  • Began to eat. Why does my coffee taste bland? Ah, hindi ko pa pala na i-stir.
  • Finished eating. I want to puke. (but no, I don’t have an eating disorder)
  • Lazed all day.
  • Practiced a song
  • Sang at the church.
  • Heard a beautiful preaching.
  • Ate dinner.
  • Surf the net.
  • Reads The Speed Reading. Whoa. A great book.

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