Read the whole book in a bookstore.


Well, to bookstore goers, we all know that private reading is a no-no or even prohibited. You walk into the bookstore and  find some interesting used books. The novel is wonderful, yes.

You skimmed it. You read a two-paged reviews(all are positive) from notable magazines and clubs. It has won the National Book Award and has become a New York Times bestseller. Yet your budget is just 20php.

Sorry, but you’ll be leaving the book. And pick some silly celeb magazine instead just because, after two hours, you are too shy to come out of the store without buying any.


Well not that much. Obviously, I have experienced it. Picking up the best book the store has to offer yet leaving the store with the worst.

Anyway, I found solutions:

1. Be filthy rich. But not that much. If you are willing to buy 500php used book, then go ahead. But I don’t have enough courage to buy a 500-peso USED book.

2. Commit a crime. Read the whole book. Since it is prohibited to private read, why not read it in public? read the whole book. Read, not skim, it in just five to seven minutes. Speed reading, baby.

I am rather an average in terms of speed reading. But I am working on it. :). I am looking forward in reading a book in a few eye blinks. Haha. Sana.


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