Day 18: Your beliefs (The Hate Post)


This time it is a hate post. I was cleaning kanina(jul-13) . And I was furious about it.

  1. I really hate making things “orderly”.  We keep things orderly because we are comfortable with it. But I am not comfortable when things are “orderly”. I can’t sleep in an “orderly” bed. I can’t study in an “orderly” room. 
  2. I really hate when a friend betrays me. What the eff are you doing? I mean I consider you as a friend yet you lied to me. I’ll still see you as friend after you said sorry but I’ll never forget what you did. Sorry-han na lang tayo. (A connection with the past, habang lumilipad na ang mga papel dahil sa pag-sway ko sa walis(inis na inis talaga ako), may naalala akong pangyayari. Tapos mas lalong lumipad yung mga papel)
  3. I really hate my Facebook password! It’s very, very long.
  4. I really hate when things defy my planning. My planning is absolute if there is no divine intervention. But I can’t stand it ruined. (Yung mga tinawag kong maglilinis ng bahay, hindi man lang nagpakita)

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