Planted a cactus


I planted a cactus. It is cute. I got it from the ruins of the cactus hobby of my mother. She doesn’t collect anymore. Back then we have numerous cacti and I also have numerous memories and literal scars from cactus. Makulit.

Since I was observing my mother when she is planting, I know some rules in planting cacti like don’t water it after you planted or you’ll need paper for handling spiny cactus. Haha.

Then took a photo of it via webcam so sana you can see it. Sadly it is too pixelated blurred. So I patterned and added some touches (I am on rampage of using Photoshop. 🙂 ) and I want it for my Twitter background.

Here it is:

The cactus is tiny. I planted it in a tawas container. Haha. Of course I poked a hole on the bottom of the container and added small pebbles on the bottom for drainage. And I also added small white stones on top.

Last night, I was searching for its scientific name. Wah! “I need Gray!” But after a few minutes, I finally found you, my Missing-Puzzle-Piece. It is called Gymnocalycium eurypleurum. Oha! Oha! It is easy to memorize the name. Gym and no calcium Yuri playroom.

I didn’t plant it in the center of the container, if you have noticed. My mother said that when planting, it doesn’t have to be at the center. Plus, it looks pretty that way.

The weird thing is I carry it everywhere. It is mobile kasi.


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