I hate Friday Nights


Don’t judge me now. I hate Mondays and I love Fridays when I am studying.

Fridays are often heavenly, you know it. After a stressful week, just the thought of Friday nights makes us happy. But this time it is the other way around. Every Friday I’ve got to clean the house. I have to wash everybody’s clothes and dishes. It is when my mother and sister arrives at home. When I don’t clean, a series of sermons will fill my ears and it seems like forever and sad to say that I am not exaggerating.

I’ve to go to bed early because she will tell me that I will look old and have many pimples if I will not go to bed now. It’s Friday night! Come on! Give me time. I have to edit some photos. Post them in my blog. Write quirky posts and stare, just stare, at my crush’s profile (haha). To read some informative things.

Ah. I feel sleepy.


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