Love and Depression


It seems like forever. This depression. The last time I post about this horrible thing is just recent. I told that due to this depression I am starting to feel not well. Well, the worst. I have a frequent urgent to pee. It is like when I went to the comfort room, I’ll go back in there in just a few minutes.

Okay. I need some thing that will help me forget about this. So if you get a chance, please recommend some kind of movie. Anything except horror. I can’t stand them. And I know it’s weird for a girl’s tastes but ‘foreign’ action movies are preferred but not required. Haha. I make fun of the action movie’s plot lalong-lalo na kung predictable (Filipino Action Movies). That is why I love foreign action movies because things will not go as I have predicted.

Okay again. I need to think. I don’t like drama anyway. LOL. My life is drama anyway. Is this life presentable to be aired on MMK? Hope Maja will be the lead. 😉

I’m posting this photo: (haha, a picture of my sister)

So okay, nearly 5’10”. I wonder what air did she breathed that I didn’t.


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