At Lola’s


I decided to stay at my grandmother’s house. It is about I think two nights now. The first night was terrible. I can’t sleep. She is snoring. The cat, too, snores. Lola sounds like a washing machine and the cat sounds like a cricket. Although Lola’s snore is normal. The cat, i think, has a problem. It is the cat that keeps me awake.

The bed sheets are smelly. I was in haste of mornings. I was thinking about angels that night. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because in that particular space that I am lying is where I first saw an angel. Haha. Silly me! Maybe I was dreaming that time. Or maybe a ghost.

Morning came, thanks! I am not doing anything in there. But I am not bored. I do house chores. I gag on Showtime. And I am embarrassed for those in the TV.

I was planning to go to Elbi this week but due to some things blah blah. Maybe next week. I hope.

Today, this morning, I went to my father’s house and checked my Facebook. Ha-ha. I just have some whooping TWO notifications. Just two? Just two.

I am going back in there today.


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