My comment approved! I’m in a bliss!


Victory is especially sweet for those who gets their first taste.

I have been commenting on News whenever they have a theme. It makes me happy that they release themes: premium or free. But of course, for us who don’t have premium accounts, it is a minus one if that cute new theme isn’t free. It makes me gasp for air mainly because I’m not breathing until the page loads. Yeahp. You bet I’m in a bliss when they release new themes. But that’s not the main point.

My comments are always under moderation. Meaning it isn’t approved. Before I hit enter, I check, I reread, I edit just to make it post-able. I waited that my comments get approve. I began to wonder why my comment isn’t approved yet. I bet the WP team is just too bored with those kinds of comments. Comments that are been there, done that. Blah. Blah. So I wasn’t good enough, huh? Oh, fine!

But now, it is approved! And lucky that someone even agreed with me! That boosts my happiness.

La lang ang gusto ko lang sabihin ay, Pahirapan ang makapagpost ng comment sa WP News.  Kaya ang saya ko lang nung na-approve. 🙂 Tsaka minsan lang sila gumawa ng theme. Limited kasi ang themes ng WP.  Nag-update din ako sa twitter ng tungkol dun.

Miss ko lang mag-post dito.


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