Oh well, cybercrime law


There’s an exaggeration of outburst in my last post. Haha. I advise you to read the latter post first. Anyway, the Cybercrime Law is good in some ways. My kuya and I read it and it is good and it benefits all of us. But how do I put this? Hmm. They should amend the said law.

<insert some comparison here>. Makes me puke just hearing that. Gosh. Okay it is a counter attack to plagiarism or something like copy paste but why do they have to be so strict? To hell with imprisonment with a fine of 200,000php defined in one of the offenses!

Honestly, it feels suffocating.

Oh, I forgot, there is no freedom of speech. So bloggers aren’t bloggers anymore. October 3, the saddest day of my life. Oh well, I won’t blog for now.


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