Slowly going mad


Oh gosh. My ears are warm at gusto kong manapak ng isang kostumer, honestly. But I have to maintain, my smile and my good tone even if this customer is complaining on something I can’t fix like the font style and why does the printer make the font look bold.

Have to maintain my manners when their angry about problems they first cause. And what gets into my nerves is that when I try to explain about the problem, they are even angrier.

Oh goodness! Alam mo yung feeling na nasa caste system ka and then they are the all-mighty’s and I am an untouchable.

We’re poor anyway so that’s fine by me and that she’s (yes, she) a paying customer and I should be grateful that she’s here. I cried you know. Yesterday. Because another customer wants something that I can’t fix. And he’s angry. And I’m scared because I was alone.

Dad’s nowhere to be found, anyway. And I’m always alone. And whenever he’s present, he’ll say Ruth asikaswim man.

Honestly, it is a burden. But I can’t do anything about it since, I’m only a tambay. I’ll be worthless if I don’t work. We’re damn poor na nga lang tapos tatamad-tamad pa ako.


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