Sometimes, we just have to say goodbye. Well not “saying” but more of the leaving part. I’ll leave Elbi and my dreams. Haha. My plans.

It’s sad. Always sad. But then things change and so are my plans. I don’t plan to go back to bahay once I step in sa basta. Maybe I’ll go back for the election and some emergency. But ideally, I don’t want to go back in here.


Have you ever thought that you’re once perfect for the man you love then suddenly, you’re not? I think that is one little part of this whole damn thing.

Ang ganda sanang iimagine yung, pagka-graduate ko may trabaho na agad. Tapos basta. Hindi ko pwedeng sabihin. Ah basta.

I feel like I lost everything kasi e. Well, except my family and my sanity of course. Haha. I hate it when I cry, anyway. It’ll be okay, right? I’ll be able to smile real, real soon. Real soon. I hope.

And as for my violin lessons, I didn’t practice yesterday. I played a few songs today.

I just read beautiful poems yesterday. They’re wonderful.I really like poems that tell a story.

Forever and ever and goodbye. If you forget me, forget me slow.


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