Youth Camp


We were just 140+ but we expect that we would grow numerically and spiritually till the next summer youth camp. Ang ganda kasi ng results. And to the fact na sa next SYCamp, Jones ang magho-host. Yey!

Masarap maging Kristiyano.

Yan ang tumatak sa isip ko pagkatapos ng summer youth camp. Or might as well say na yun ang tinandaan ko para maisulat dito. And nakarelate naman ako. Even ang daming problema, magiging malungkot, iiyak andiyan pa rin yung joy.

The youth camp was exciting. But a certain happening reduced me into wishing I was born a rat or a cockroach. I was crying. Haha. I sang and didn’t quite well deliver the song.

Anyway, I decided that I should get involved with the local church’s activities. I know it would cost a lot of money. And costs a lot of time. But it’s okay.

You know I was informed of the happenings.


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