30 Things To Make Yourself Feel Better


Okay. Thanks for the list! 🙂

Thought Catalog

1. Go to a dog park. How you can be sad around all those puppies?

2. Make a dance playlist. Dance to it alone in your room or take it to friend’s and dance with them.

3. Volunteer somewhere, anywhere. Helping others takes your mind off yourself.

4. Take a bubble bath or hot shower. Use nice smelling soap. Scrub all the sad away.

5. Jump on your bed like you’re a child again.

6. Window shop (or real shop if you can afford it).

7. Exercise. Go for a run. Punch a punching bag. Let’s get physical.

8. Eat all the ice cream. Go pick a flavor you’ve never had before. Consider it a new experience.

9. Paint your nails. If you’re a dude, clip your nails. Feels clean and nice.

10. Buy yourself flowers.

11. Start watching a new TV show. Preferably a comedy, though if you like…

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