Okay so Let’s Blog Again


There are so many happenings the last few weeks (sorry for my poor grammar, anyway). My relationship with my sister is stormy! One night she told me she hates me. “I hate you. I hate you.” She said with all contempt and fury.

The reason she was like that is because I told her I was tired of her childishness. And that she is a princess–she doesn’t help cook, wash clothes and other chores in the house.

She also doesn’t obey to everyone–she’s a bunso. If you tell her to buy bagoong in the wala-pang-isang-kantong canteen, she doesn’t go. She tells us, “Ayokong umitim.”

It just gets in my nerves so I told her all my heartaches about her. Believe me it is too easy to hate her, too.

So I get to do ALL–not exaggerating here–the chores. And she tells me that I am lazy! AAAHHH!!!

But I’m a fool. When she told me that she hates me, a tear fell unconsciously and I whispered, “You can’t hate me.”


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