Dear 19 year old Ruth,


First, I want to say sorry. I still have no happiness. But I’m hoping. I am hoping that there will be a day that I would find happiness. Hope is what I have that you don’t have. So yukatta.

I’ve stopped being you and start being me today.

I am sorry that I did not wear a dress today. But I wore something girly.

Love lots,

20 year old Ruth


2 thoughts on “Dear 19 year old Ruth,

  1. Jon

    I just bumped in to your blog when I was searching for the meaning of the word “tampururot.”

    I hope you’re okay now. Please keep writing. Thank you!

    • ichigomongo

      Hi Jon! I am a bit okay now. I just checked this blog right now. This blog’s inactive for a long time already and I would be glad that it stays that way. Thank you anyway. 🙂

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